“Destination Unknown” New Palette Knife Aspen painting

“Destination Unknown” ©2013 Niki Gulley
36″ x 48” textured oil painting on wrap around canvas
On one of our plein air painting trips we led, we happened upon this gorgeous aspen grove. Enjoying the melodic tinkling of the aspen leaves rustling in the breeze, the trickling sounds of the babbling brook at our backs, and the beauty of fall ablaze with color, I felt invigorated as I began painting. The setting was so peaceful and rejuvenating that I wanted to communicate that joyful feeling of discovery in this piece. Filling the canvas with energetic staccato strokes and bold colors, in addition to gently arching the tree trunks towards the sky add to that uplifting feeling. And then just a sliver of the trail cutting through the forest, suggests the excitement of the journey that is to come.
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